Prayer is a way to move through life with peace in our hearts. Prayer is a tool which we use to build our awareness of God within and to bring ourselves closer to Him. You may submit a prayer request by filling out the online prayer request or call the church office at 972-529-5601.

A weekly prayer email listing joys and concerns of those in our church family is sent out to members of the prayer team so that they can lift those joys and concerns up to the Lord during their private prayer time. To join the prayer team and begin receiving this email, please call the church office at 972-529-5601 or contact Pastor Maggie.  

Care Team

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The Care Team energetically supports the needs of our Church family through a compassionate response that respects the individual, gives attention to specific needs, and promotes Christ's love to our community. Here are the many ways this group cares for the congregation (members and visitors) at Stonebridge United Methodist Church: 

Feeding Friendzies

This program provides up to three meals in a one week time frame to families or individuals with a certain need, such as after the birth of a child, during illness, injury or a death in the family. Feeding Friendzies also provides a meal either before or after funeral services.

New Member Gifts

Stonebridge UMC welcomes new members of the congregation by delivering a special gift to welcome them into our church famly!

College Ministry

As our young adults venture off to school, we want them to remember their Church family at Stonebridge UMC and our prayers for each of them. Through this program, personal notes are sent the first semester and a care package is sent the second semester to college students associated with our church.  

Staff Appreciation

We are incredibly blessed with a wonderful staff here at Stonebridge United Methodist Church. To show our support, we coordinate a special meal once a month for all staff members. Each staff member is also remembered on his/her birthday. 

Miscellaneous TLC

We also provide other needs that come to our attention such as running errands, doing housework or babysitting for those going through illness or difficult situations, sending cards to let people know we care when there has been a loss or serious illness, and anything else that arises!

Care Team Meetings

Check the weekly calendar under Events for Care Team Meeting dates.

To join the Care Team, please contact Nancy McGraw.