It's a God Thing

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And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.  Romans 8:28

My name is Amy Stewardson, and I am serving my 13th year as Director of Sunshine Kids Preschool, one of the many wonderful ministries at Stonebridge United Methodist Church. This year at teacher orientation, I encouraged the teachers to look for "God Things" - when circumstances work together in such an unusual way that only God could have arranged it.  

Through our program, we offer fundraisers that parents enjoy and benefit our program. Our fundraisers over the years have provided the turf on the playground and the new canopy that we just installed. When it was time for our annual Butter Braid fundraiser, we discussed that we didn't have a need for anything, so we decided that we would give the fundraising profits to Hurricane Harvey relief. Wanting to help a program similar to Sunshine Kids, I thought about preschool programs that may have been effected and were not able to start school or offer classes for the children enrolled.

Pastor Courtney put me in touch with Nicole, the Preschool Director at Temple Day School at United Methodist Temple in Groves, TX. Temple Day school has not been in session due to the damage to the building but plans to reopen December 4. When Nicole and I spoke, she said that her teachers had given her supply lists, but it came to a dollar amount that was too great for them to provide. Therefore, they had scheduled a meeting to figure out what were necessities and what they could do without. The amount she told me that was needed for necessities was the exact amount that we had raised in our fundraising efforts, and I’m happy to say that Sunshine Kids sent a check to Temple Day School, allowing Nicole to provide her teachers with what they needed. Her words to me were, "God is so good, and God is so much bigger than this hurricane. Thank you so much for supporting our program!" That was a "God thing", and how awesome it was to be a part of seeing how it played out and how He was able to work good.

With all the things going on in the world that I cannot understand, I will choose to look for the "God Things" through all the storms.