Happy Easter! He is Risen!

It has been a journey these last weeks in Lent to the cross and now all the way to the resurrection. The symbol of Easter that has been the most formative for me is the butterfly. This past March, my family and I went to Butterfly Wonderland in Phoenix, where my brother lives. We learned about the monarch butterfly’s incredible journey across the United States, from the south to the north for their migration. In Phoenix, the inside garden was huge with thousands of butterflies living there. If you could stand still long enough, they would land on you. It was the goal of my sons to try to do this, yet it was difficult for them to stand still long enough.

Two things occur to me from this that are pertinent for us as we experience Easter and the hope of resurrection. The first is that we too have been on a journey, a migration from Ash Wednesday to Good Friday and now Easter Sunday. For some, it has been a long, hard journey filled with ups and downs, heartache and even suffering as we have grown closer to what it means to follow Jesus to the cross. Even so, we celebrate on this day the hope that overcomes sin, death, and any problem with which we or our world may struggle. That is good news for each of us!

The second reflection I have is that it is often hard for us as well to stand still and let the hope of Christ really rest on us. Often, Easter is approached as just another day filled with activities. Our lives and world are filled with big, complex issues that seem to compound rather than relent. My hope for each of us this day is that we can stand still long enough in the presence of God to really let the resurrection land on us. I pray we can take it in and not miss the joy of what is given to us in the empty tomb.

In John 20, when Mary hears Jesus call her name on that first Easter morning, she proclaims to the disciples, “I have seen the Lord!” May we also proclaim that we have seen the Risen Lord in the hope of resurrection all around us! May the peace of Christ and joy of the Holy Spirit rest on you this day as you proclaim for yourself and for all the people of the world: He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Holly