Hearts & Hands For Malvern

Stonebridge UMC partners with a local elementary school to help provide support and resources which help students achieve their greatest potential in these early education years. Throughout the year, our congregation volunteers their time in the classrooms, raises funds and supplies for teachers and students, provides a summer food program for students who may face hunger outside of school, hosts appreciation events for teachers and staff, and much more! Partner with us as we partner with the students, faculty, and staff at Malvern Elementary.

In 2017 we will:
•Pair every teacher with a Classroom Partner who will volunteer at least 1 hour a week in the classroom.
•Host a Summer Food Pantry that helps families with Malvern students who may otherwise be hungry.
•Host a Christmas Gift program for families with Malvern students who are in financial need. 
•Volunteer as a part of the school-wide field day. 
•Provide appreciation treats and luncheons for teachers and staff several times in the year.
•Provide school supplies to students in the Fall and classroom supplies to teachers in the Spring.
•And partner with the principal and PTA on any other projects needed.  

•Most Importantly: We will build relationships with our neighbors in the community as we grow and learn together!

For more information, contact Pastor Courtney

Summer Food Program

We are moving to a client choice model this year. By providing families the opportunity to shop, this model will add dignity to the process and make sure that we are providing food items that each family will use, preventing waste. Families will be able to do their shopping in the Malvern Cafeteria on Tuesdays from 10 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. 

Here's how you can help:

If you have any questions about the Summer Food Program, please contact Carol Dean

From more information about this or other Serving Opportunities, please contact Pastor Courtney.